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When companies encounter financial difficulties their existing relationships with their lenders may break down entirely or at least become under severe strain.   Lenders can often be perceived as “providing umbrellas on sunny days and taking them away as soon as it rains”.  This can result in companies with viable futures being forced to cease trading simply because they run out of necessary funding for working capital.

The team at Bennett Jones Insolvency can help your business raise working capital if your business can be rescued and look to the future to prosper.  Our team has access to private equity funds who are keen to invest in distressed businesses and work together to rebuild the businesses into thriving profitable ventures.

Funding Options

Asset Based Finance – Lending secured against plant machinery and equipment.  Asset based lenders will value your company’s tangible assets and simply lend based on the security you are able to provide for the lending.  This means that the decision making process is quick and funds can be drawn down within days of a request being made for funding.

Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting including ‘spot factoring’ of individual invoices.  There are a large number of companies offering a variety of funding services based on factoring or discounting of invoices. We can help you replace your present funder with a new supportive lender appropriate for your business within a few days.

Private Equity Funding  – lending and investing directly from investment funds experienced in investing in struggling businesses.  This type of funding can quickly provide your business not only with the funds needed to get out of the immediate difficulties but also a long term investment partner providing support from experienced business managers as well as much needed cash for working capital.

Direct investor funding  – we have access to investors willing to lend to or acquire distressed businesses quickly.  These investors are familiar with formal insolvency processes and if necessary will work within the structures of a CVA or a pre pack Administration.

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