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Debt Collection

When your creditors aren't being paid what they're owed, they may send a debt collector to your property in an attempt to claim the money they're entitled to.

Why would a debt collector visit me?

Debt collectors may turn up for various reasons – it all depends on the creditor in question.

It is rare for companies to send debt collectors to knock on their debtors’ doors, but it does happen – especially when they haven’t received a response to phone calls, letters and emails about the money you owe.

Debt collectors are often used as a final attempt to retrieve money before a creditor takes Court action to recover their debt.

What can a debt collector legally do?

It’s useful to know what a debt collector is legally permitted to do, as this prepares you accordingly if these individuals ever get in touch.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that debt collectors are not bailiffs. They are not allowed to simply enter your home and take possessions. They may request access – but you do not have to grant it.

Your creditor must also inform you that debt collectors are on their way. When the collectors arrive, they’ll probably request a payment to be made there and then. You don’t have to pay any money on the spot, and nor should you have to tolerate any intimidating behaviour.

If a debt collector confronts you at your place of work, forces their way into your home, refuses to leave, or claims to have legal powers to do any of the above, you should contact the police.

What should I do after being visited by a debt collector?

Always ask for identification, and do not feel that you need to open the door to any debt collector. If you do not feel comfortable, you can ask them to leave – they have no right to remain on your property once you have dismissed them.

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