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Home Debts (Council Tax and Utilities)

Home debts, such as utility bills and council tax, can cause a high amount of stress when you're in a tough financial position.

At Bennett Jones, we can provide homeowners and tenants with the information they need to help pay off their home debts while avoiding legal difficulties.

Council tax debt

Unpaid council tax bills are taken very seriously by the local authorities, who can take action against you to recover the money they’re owed. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up having bailiffs calling at your house and threatening to seize your belongings. The council may also take court action to deduct money from your wages, leaving you with even less money to pay your other bills.

Whether you pay your council tax bill in one lump sum, or on a monthly basis, be sure to budget for these payments. If you haven’t received your bill, chase it up with your local council. It’s also worth checking that you’re in the correct tax band and whether you are entitled to lower payments due to your health, age or employment status.

If the council threaten to send bailiffs around or deduct money from your wages, get in touch with Bennett Jones for support. We can help explain your available courses of action.

Utility bill debt

If you miss one or more payment to your utility provider – be it for gas, electricity or water – you may find yourself falling behind to the point where the debt becomes unmanageable.

Utility costs can rise unexpectedly, and occasionally paper bills can get lost among the mail. But, no matter what the reason might be, failing to pay on time will unsettle creditors.

Utility companies appreciate good communication, so take the time to get in touch whenever you have a payment issue. If you can, set money aside for bills ahead of schedule and set up standing orders to make sure you’re meeting the payment deadline every month.

If your utility company is causing you worry by demanding money, speak to Bennett Jones.

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