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Types of Debt

Most people incur debt throughout their lifetime. Lending and borrowing are part and parcel of the modern economy – it’s only when you can’t pay back your debts that they become a problem.

There are many different types of debt, and listed here are some of the most common.

  • Loans, Mortgages and Credit Cards

    Loans, mortgages and credit cards are widely regarded as necessities. However, issues arise when repayments become problematic.


  • Home Debts (Council Tax and Utilities)

    Council tax and utility bills are compulsory debts for every homeowner – which is why setting up a strict payment plan is essential.


  • Income Tax and VAT

    Income tax and VAT are government debts – failing to pay can have serious consequences with HM Revenue & Customs.


  • Business Debts

    Cash flow is key when running a company. When expenses start to outweigh revenue, it’s vital to take fast action.


  • Payday Loans

    Payday loans are unsecured agreements with high interest rates. Paying back the full amount can be difficult, and many borrowers end up seeking help as a result.


  • Debt Collection

    When your creditors aren’t being paid what they’re owed, they may send a debt collector to your property in an attempt to claim the money they’re entitled to.


  • Family and Joint Debt

    Many people find joint and family debt agreements beneficial – in a lot of cases, they increase the likelihood of you being able to afford something important in the future.


  • Credit Score

    It’s difficult to borrow money without a good credit score. Your score will be checked every time you apply for a loan; the more you undergo credit checks, the less likely you are to secure a satisfactory rating.


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